Poetry by Gram Joel Davies

The real discovery of the evening, for me was Gram Joel Davies whose delivery was terrific, aided by his strange and rhythmically unusual poetry. I was entranced by his reading and by his assured writing ability and equally assured delivery.
Steve Spence
Photo by Robert Elford (c) 2016
Photo by Robert Elford (c) 2016


Gram Joel Davies lives in the South West of England. He has published widely in UK and international journals, including Magma, Envoi, Poetry Wales and The Moth.

His poetry collection Bolt Down This Earth is published by V. Press (2017) and was described by The Poetry Book Society as “a striking collection, full of vitality and enjoyment of the poetic craft.”

Browse the site for examples of his poems and more places you can read them. Gram Joel Davies is interested in making recordings of his work, and you will find streaming audio below (and some rough video too).

Please feel free to drop him a line, or look him up on social media using the links at the bottom of the page.

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Gram Joel Davies at Poetry Island
Photograph by Ian Beech

Books by Gram Joel Davies

Bolt Down This Earth Cover
V.Press (2017) Cover design by Ruth Stacey


‘Bolt Down This Earth’

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