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June 2016

Review: ‘Hooligans’ by Katrina Naomi (Rack Press, 2015) for Lunar Poetry 10

 ‘Hooligans’ by Katrina Naomi (Rack Press, 2015, 979-0-9927654-7-7, 12 pages, £5)

Always, we hear how it is hard to write political poetry. Hooligans barely fits – it is war poetry. Injurious to our apathetic pride, bloody, appalling, right there.

Katrina Naomi, in her signature plain-speak, unlaces mouths who should never have been tied. This isn’t history, it is happening.

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Sounding Things Out

Not all poets are natural public speakers. Spontaneous gab isn’t everyone’s bag. But even if it is, when reading poetry to the public it would be disrespectful to turn up unrehearsed. Read more