Poetry converted into eBook format requires special attention. Often it is not sufficient to simply upload a document using Amazon‘s or Lulu’s automated processes. Because poetry needs to look and feel right on the page, and these services are not equipped for a poet’s needs.

My skills involve using Sigil© software and in-depth CSS to ensure every poem looks as good as possible on Kindle, Kobo, iPad or other machines. From simple concerns such as ensuring every poem begins a fresh page, to important factors like how the lines behave when your readers choose a typeface larger than you imagined for the poem, or even more difficult issues – such as managing white space or line numbering – I can help you get it right.

eBooks are particularly important for self-publishers, due to their lower distribution cost, but they need to look professional. I will make sure covers and images are at their best sizes and ratios for particular devices, that all contents pages are properly linked and referenced, and that legal, biographical or bibliographical information is presented as clearly as in any physical book.

For an example of my eBook poetry formatting, consider downloading the Clear Poetry Anthology 2016, edited by Ben Banyard.

I can also help just as easily with non-poetry titles. You might like to take a look at A Theory of Everything by Marc Tiltman or How to Use Twitter by Robin Houghton, two authors whom I was honoured to assist in getting their excellent writing onto the web.

Whatever your needs, please drop me a line at [email protected]. Every publishing venture is quite unique, so I’ll aim to get a good feel for what you need, and to communicate fully as our work progresses.

Working with Gram on my very first book has been a great pleasure. Not only has he been very helpful in preparing my manuscript for conversion to ebook format, but has done so in a fashion where I sense that he actually cares about your work. Gram consulted with me all throughout the entire process ensuring that what he had done was what I had in mind. It has been quite clear that working on my book was far more than just a means of income for Gram, so on that basis alone, I recommend his ebook services to anyone.

— Marc Tiltman