Would you like a second pair of eyes?

Poetry needs work. Alone, it can take us months to see a poem from every side. With help, the process can be accelerated, and we may learn about aspects of writing we never discovered before. The majority of successful poets have, and need, other poets.

Over the last decade, I have benefited from being part of a number of serious feedback collectives, plus from the direct tutelage of talented editors, and it has transformed how I work. The result of peer review is that I know my poems can live up to being reread.

I want to share this process. I will carefully absorb your work and give feedback on its strengths. I will also point out areas of weakness (e.g. vague language) and offer methods which might resolve these. Form, meter, layout and rhyme (if needed) can be examined, as well as pace, voice or diction and imagery.

Rather than proofreading, I offer creative input on work in progress, new poems or ones that just haven’t found their final shape, including sets, sequences and collections of poem.

If you think editorial guidance would benefit you, and you would enjoy one-to-one support, please get in touch with me by email at [email protected]. Groups looking for a workshop facilitator are also welcome to drop me a line.

Gram is an experienced, dedicated and insightful editor. He gives meticulous and honest feedback in a kind and humane way. He is attuned to association, nuance, and what’s not said, and responds from the gut / heart as well as the mind. He is at home with both form and fragment. He can work with groups and sequences of poems, as well as single poems and prose-poems. He is always encouraging. I have no hestitation of any kind to qualify my support for the incredible service he gives.

— Fiona Russel Dodwell