Would you like a site like mine? 

Or something else? WordPress is a popular way for writers to give themselves a website. It’s available for free and if you want to really make it your own you can put it on webspace you rent, just like any other website. It is extremely versatile.

And a real pain to get right. That’s where I can be of use. I’ve had loads of practice at manhandling the features of WordPress, and can offer a wealth of experience to anyone who feels daunted or pushed for time.

The site you are looking at now is “self-hosted” because it matters that a website looks attractive and isn’t hard to navigate. Whether you want a whole new site, and need help to build it from the ground up, or if you only wish to turn your run-of-the-mill blog (that looks just like everyone else’s) into something special and personal, I can do the work for you. My skills not only include a detailed knowledge of the intricacies of this software but I use a lot of custom coding to get the layout and appearance exactly right.

The “techy” side of being a writer is not for everyone, but I can build, host and maintain your website, or give you the reigns if you want them. It you would like to gradually learn how to manage your own site after it’s built, I can work with you until you have enough confidence to do it alone.

To discuss your needs, and find out whether a WordPress website is what you want, why not drop me a line at [email protected].

Gram provided a professional web design service. The site is eye-catching and simply laid out with clear links to direct visitors. He worked quickly and effectively to build the site. He was sensitive of my needs and requirements and swiftly addressed any tweaks or additions I required.

— Sarah L Dixon