Compound Poetry Winners’ Reading – Cheltenham Poetry Festival – 17th June

My collaboration partner, Hannah Linden, and I have been invited to join the other successful entrants for an evening of poetry readings, set to culminate the Cheltenham Poetry Festival’s Compound Poetry Competition. The contest was quite unique, being a collaborative endeavour between various pairs of poets. The event is to take place at 7pm on June 17th in Cheltenham Children’s Library. We will read a set together for approximately 10 mins. Here’s the full winners’ list, as announced on on CPF’s Twitter and Facebook feeds:

  • 1st place: Dog Days by Hannah Linden & Gram Joel Davies
  • 2nd place: A Litany Across Generations by Beth McDonough & Ruth Aylett
  • 3rd place: Coma by Hannah Linden & Gram Joel Davies
  • Highly Commended: Adjust to Focus by Nichola May & Cathy Dreyer, Crow Lines by Angela Topping & Sarah Leavesley, You Call me Camel by Terry Dyson & Liz England, Here and Here by Cath Drake & Jocelyn Page, Earthed by Simon Williams & Susan Taylor, Curtains by Jean Riley & Chaucer Cameron.