The Poetry Wham Pram at @2000trees Music Festival 2016

My friends from Juncture 25 and I spent an enjoyable weekend at 2000 Trees rock festival in the heart of the Cotswolds, between 8-10th July 2016.

13603478_1754701314772753_5190574602395776363_oOur poetic contribution consisted of pushing poetry via our Poetry Wham Pram, a lucky dip reading experience with myself and Jinny Fisher, Emily Fay McCoy and Marc Woodward (our special guest). Festival goers approached the pram as it trundled the paths, stages and woodlands of the field, pulling a poetry scroll from the cradle and receiving a reading from its author. “Poetry in motion,” yelled one appreciative reveller.

We did a longer set for the fabulous folks in Camp Reuben, who dragged themselves from their tents and filled the marquee for an afternoon of words. Thanks to all there, for the warmest of welcomes. We’ll be back next year.

Poetry in a surprising place, and all the better for it.